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Welcome to TMCC Community Education! This is the place to register for TMCC EPIC, Safety Center, CPR/First Aid, Wildland Firefighting and other TMCC noncredit classes. You'll find more noncredit classes to choose from here than anywhere else in Northern Nevada. To find a topic in a specific area, look under the headings below. You may also search for a course by its title, number or instructor. Please let us know if you do not see a course you are looking for. Thank you for your business. 

Questions? For the latest details on motorcycle safety or Safety Center classes, call Scott Alquist at 775-742-5219. For questions about CPR classes, email For details on Wildland Firefighting, email You can reach EPIC by phone at 775-829-9010 or email at

TMCC Community Education classes--including TMCC EPIC, Safety Center, CPR/First Aid and WIldland Firefighter--may or may not provide academic credit toward degree programs, and, as such, may or may not satisfy enrollment requirements for financial aid, scholarships, veterans' benefits or status as an international student. Contact an advisor for additional information.

EPIC selects courses based on the community's interest and can provide additional perspectives on different subjects. All Truckee Meadows Community College instructors are interviewed and selected for their confidence in their subject and their willingness to share their expertise. Truckee Meadows Community College guarantees the quality of its programs.

We welcome your input. If you are interested in teaching a course, please go to the teaching page for more information.